Successful exhibition for Merford Cabins and Stinis Spreaders at the Intermodal Africa 2010, Cape Town

On the recently held Intermodal Africa 2010 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, both Merford and Stinis successfully exhibited their products and latest technologies. Both companies have a proven reputation of being in the forefront of innovative solutions based on many years of close cooperation with the end-users.

Apart from their well-established range of container spreaders for ship-to-shore cranes, mobile harbor cranes and gantry cranes, Stinis had a very interesting video on display showing their patented fully automated split-headblock capable of simultaneously handling 2x 40” or 4x 20” or combination thereof.

Merford Cabins took the opportunity to further introduce their ErgoSeat, an ergonomic operator seat designed a.o. according to the internationally accepted ISO 11226 standard, of which over 500 units are worldwide in operation. The ErgoSeat on display attracted many people to come and have a look and feel to be convinced about the benefits in terms of operator health and productivity. Good news if you could not make it to the exhibition, you can still experience the ErgoSeat as it has stayed behind with Briggeman Material Handling Solutions in Durban.

Briggeman Material Handling Solutions is the official agent/distributor for Southern Africa for both Merford Cabins an Stinis Spreaders.