MERFORD designs and manufacturers state-of-the-art operator cabins and operator seats with the safety, comfort and optimum working conditions for the operator in mind.

MERFORD cabins not only provide a comfortable seat, a pleasant temperature and clean air, but a scientifically proven design to reduce fatigue, concentration problems and chronic neck and back problems to a minimum.

Attention to detail

Every detail in the cabins counts: ranging from the synchronized movement of arm rests to provide improved ergonomics, to optimal visibility, clean air and responsible sound and vibration levels.

By paying attention to every detail and every specific wish, MERFORD enables operators to work with greater enjoyment and efficiency. In many instances the use of their cabins has translated into a demonstrable decrease in absence due to illness and into higher operator productivity.

MERFORD Products

Operator cabins

  • For all types of cranes
  • Optimum visibility for operator
  • Maximum comfort (noise, ergonomics, climate)
  • Fully integrated with seat and consoles
  • Customized design

Operator seats / ErgoSeat

  • For all type of cabins
  • Ergonomic design (ISO 11226)
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Air suspension
  • Adjustable console height


  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Filter Unit
  • Climate Control Unit

State-of-the-art technology

MERFORD constantly introduces the latest state-of-the-art technology into their cabin design and is internationally recognized as the front runner in cabin design.

Their latest achievement is the introduction of the Ecocab NEO – the operator cabin with a green vision.

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