Merford cabins for Morris cranes

Last year Briggeman supplied two cabins to Morris Material Handling for the newly installed container cranes at the waist handling facility of the municipality of Cape Town. The cabins are fully fitted with operator seat and consoles and built according to customer specification.

Merford cabin in production for Morris crane for municipality Cape Town Cabin in production

The cranes have been in operation for several months now and as happy as Briggeman was with the first order for Merford cabins into South Africa, the more he is knowing the end user is happy with the product.  “Merford has shown to be able to meet deadlines and deliver  a quality product as per specification”, he adds.

Merford cabin on container crane for municipality in Cape Town

Cranes in operation at the waist handling facility in Cape Town

Merford Cabins designs, manufactures and supplies cabins and operator seats  for the container and bulk handling industry and for the steel and aluminium industry.  Their design is centered around the operator in terms of ergonomics, visibility, safety and productivity. Merford cabins have been installed worldwide.