RIMA brakes


Safety against storm events has became of vital importance after several accidents occurred to cranes and other rail mounted equipment due to extreme wind action worldwide. Based on over thirty years of experience RIMA has developed modern and reliable products devoted to equipment safety. 



To provide crane manufacturers and end-users with solutions suitable to each specific necessity, RIMA produces several different types of static and dynamic storm brakes:

  • Self blocking rail clamps   (100 – 2000 kN)
  • Spring rail clamps   (50 – 500 kN)
  • Rail brakes   (20 – 420 kN)
  • Wheel brakes   (60 – 80 kN)


RIMA self blocking rail clamp

Self blocking rail clamp



Spring rail clamp


RIMA rail brake

Rail brake


RIMA wheel brake

Wheel brake


For more detailed information on RIMA’s brakes, please visit www.rimagroup.com.