MAFI haulers and trailers

Combine German precision and quality with some 60 years of pioneering and youMAFI hauler t225-t230 will find that MAFI haulers and trailers are the best answer to efficient and reliable operation, cost reduction and low maintenance even in harsh operating environments.


MAFI haulers are used all over the world for

  • shunting (hauling) containers and semi-trailers and for
  • loading and unloading of RoRo-ships.


The portfolio is complemented by

  • goosenecks,
  • cargo- and rolltrailers,
  • container chassis as well asMAFI industrial-and-heavy-duty-trailers
  • industrial and heavy-duty trailers.


Please feel free to visit MAFI’s website for more details:, or contact Edwin Briggeman on +27 71 868 0929 or e-mail